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No one with a heart, or half a brain, hires a worker on an H-1B visa anymore ! L-1 is the way to go.

Big co.'s file as many petitions as they can to prove a "workers shortage" - which does not exist.

What does exist, still, is the special hell US politicians created for the spouses (read: wives) of the H-1B workers by creating the H-4 visa.

Coming in on an O-1 visa, a complicated procedure, thus very lucrative to immigration lawyers, does not remedy this issue. O-3 spouses are also not allowed to have a life in the US.

This country will never be able to bring in "the best and brightest: unless it starts to treat the spouses as human beings too !

P.S. Why are you forcing people to get an account on X (formerly Twitter) to get information and possibly have a discussion ? You have a Substack and a website.

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