Hello! We hope you’re enjoying this wintry season as much as we are at IFP. A brief note: we rolled out a new microsite to visualize America’s massive…

February 2023

The letter below is from IFP co-founders Alec Stapp and Caleb Watney Hello, The Institute for Progress (IFP) is celebrating our one-year anniversary…

January 2023

Hello! Happy New Year to you — we hope you’re as excited about 2023 as we are at IFP. A brief announcement: Lindsay Milliken has joined our immigration…

December 2022

Hello! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. A few team announcements: Todd Moss joined IFP as a nonresident Senior Fellow; he’ll be working on U.S. visa…

November 2022

Hello! Hope you had a fun Halloween weekend. Two announcements up front: Kyle Myers, an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard…

October 2022

Hello! Hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall. Here’s what the IFP team has been up to recently: ✍️ Published Work Alec wrote an article for The…

September 2022

Hello! Hope you all have been enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Here’s what the IFP team has been up to recently: ✍️ Published Work Caleb and Heidi…

August 2022

Hello! Hope everyone is coping with the global heat wave — things have definitely been hot in DC recently (literally and politically!).

July 2022

Hello! Another month, another new addition to the IFP team!

June 2022

Hello! We’re happy to announce that the IFP team continues to grow!

April 2022

Hello! Lots going on in DC recently — Ukraine aid, COVID funding, USICA conference process.

March 2022

Hello! It’s been another busy month here at the Institute for Progress. Here’s what we’ve been up to: